Hello we’re Ozone, and we believe its important to be both FUN and EFFECTIVE
  • Let us explain

    Although accurate, ‘Fun and Effective’ is not just how we describe ourselves - its about our work and how we go about it.

    Everything we do is Fun. That’s one of the purposes of engaging a firm like ours; you want your training project to be fun and experiential. But that’s the easy part.

    With so much competition for your participants attention, your training programs have to do more than just be fun and experiential.

    It must convey your content. It must tell a story. It must create an image in your participants’ minds. It must provide a reason and the tools to allow your participants to become involved with the intent. And, it must enable you to measure outcomes or track ROI.

    Put simply, your training must work and to do that they can’t just be Fun - they must also be effective. And that's the thinking behind everything we do. Currently we’re busy. Real busy. So although we’d love to, we probably aren’t going to turn up with a glossy portfolio and a hard-to-refuse sales pitch. But…

    If you’re on the lookout for a top talent training program, leadership workshop, strategic change initiative, large group intervention, outcome based programming, some original work, or simply a training and consulting firm to love you - let's talk.

  • Our work

    Check out some of the latest projects that we are excited about

    www.teamjamasia.com     www.handson.in     www.graphicfacilitation.in

    www.truecolorsasia.com     www.businesstodaysimulations.com

  • Our work

    Just a few of the brands we're lucky enough to have worked with.

  • Work with us

    If you are looking for a trainer, facilitator and consultant all rolled into one, you’ve come to the right place. Its not about how many games you play, its about how you play the game and at Ozone we absolutely love the challenge.
    There are many programs who think they are applying an experiential learning approach, when they aren’t even lifting the lid off the "experience" in "experiential". Experiential learning is not just encouraging discussion and interaction. It is the core around which your program must be designed.

    At Ozone, every experience comes to you with more that 60 years of collective wisdom in designing and delivering experiences. Our work takes across Asia and the Middle East so we are comfortable working in diverse cultural environments with unique needs.

    With PhDs in extreme sports to puppetry, Certified Professional Facilitators, Certified Behavioral Analysts, Fighter Pilots, Nuclear Engineers, Everesters, Antarctic Explorers and everything in between, the eclectic bunch at Ozone is sure to keep you interested in their war stories (so watch out!).

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